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About Us

Ergon Plus was founded in 2015 by a team of highly successful and experienced professionals and in a few years managed to earn the reputation of a solid and reliable partner within the international construction industry.

Ergon Plus companies excel in construction building maintenance and project management as well as the offering of a complete set of services related to energy efficiency of buildings. Through the provision of consistent, reliable and high quality services over the years, we accomplished the development of a highly valued clientele that consists of some of the most recognizable names in a wide range of sectors that extend from retail commerce to the financial industry.

Our mission is to successfully deliver on-time, on-budget, blue-chip quality residential and commercial projects from end-to-end. This is achieved through the proactive leadership of our team of highly experienced professionals providing the services and tools essential for the success of the project.

Our main responsibilities

Building maintenance

Comprehensive services and maintenance of buildings. We conduct regular inspections and undertake all the necessary actions to keep the buildings' key systems at their maximum performance and efficiency.

End-to-end project management

Whether we manage the construction of new project or high quality refurbishments of existing premises, our highly experienced team will provide the highest standards of property project management, delivering a first class personal service from start to end.

REO management

Registration and change of ownership in real estate. We offer full operational and administrative real estate management solutions. We also provide legal and financial representation of the client.

How we work

Just in time

We recognise the value of time, both yours and ours. To differentiate our service from the market, we ensure the best possible outcome in shortest possible time frame, providing value for money, exceptional customer service and technical excellence.

With passion

Our major competitive advantage is that we really love what we do and we always give our maximum attention to all aspects of our projects.

Do not follow the crowd

Our technological capability offers new and "out of the box" solutions as another highly valued aspect of our service.

Our partners