REO Management

Ergon Plus works with real estates which were part of distressed assets portfolios of financial institutions. We plan and control each aspect of the project lifecycle – from definition and design, to implementation and control, throughout to the successful delivery of the project. We provide specialized reports with detailed legal, technical and financial aspects of the property, which will enable the optimal understanding of the real value of property.

Property and Facility Management services to residential, commercial and industrial properties.

    Legal and Technical services:

    • Initial and periodic Technical inspections
    • Legal issues investigation
    • Strategic Solution proposals
    • Collection of all supplementary documentation for selling a property, etc.

    Supplementary services include:

    • Evictions
    • Reclaiming properties
    • Transfer and storage of movable assets
    • Support during property sale / purchasing auctions
    • Security
    • Maintenance
    • CleanCleaning Services