About us

Ergon plus was founded in 2015 and since then has managed to develop a reputation of a reliable partner in its industry. Ergon plus’ business areas include construction and installation work and maintenance services of premises.

Ergon plus is a solid and reliable partner in the international construction industry. Ergon plus is successfully involved in the repair of premises and project management.

The range of services provided include among else:

  • Construction, repair, installation and finishing works
  • Maintenance of facilities – Repair and installation of ventilation and air conditioning systems
  • Repair and installation of access control and video surveillance systems
  • Project development and installation of individual meters for heating systems and electricity, wiring and UPS
  • Repair and installation of cold and hot water supply, sewerage and heating systems
  • Cleaning services Partnership with us means always stable, reliable and high-quality services.

Through the long-term cooperation with our Clients, which include some of the most recognizable brands ranging from the retail to the financial industry, we have managed to build strong and mutually beneficial relationships.

Retail 45 949 m²
Offices 33 420 m²
Residential 5 957 m²